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Townly Summit

This layout is a replacement for Middlewood bank that actually started its life called Lostwood Bridge and has now been taken apart with the salvageable parts to be used in the building of a new replacement layout. Progress on this new layout will be reported here as it takes shape.


A start is made with the construction of the new baseboards.

These are all made to a standard size and will be much stronger than the original ones on the old model.

The completed framework for the lower level of the track with some of the risers for the upper level in place.


Track on the high level section has now been laid and the picture shows it being tested.


12 months down the road and now at our new premises in Heywood much progress has been made with this model.

Seen here is the front area with the rows of houses between the lower and upper track levels.


From a different angle again the lower tracks are in the foreground with the houses places behind.

Looking from a little further away and at a slightly different angle with more of the station area in shot.


Townly summit at our exhibition in 2017 in Rochdale town hall. 

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