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This page will show the progress of our new 0 gauge layout which is under construction. The impetus for this layout was given a boost when one of our members discovered a large 0 gauge outdoor layout for sale on ebay. A site visit showed that the base boards were well preserved and if we recovered it there would be enough 12mm plywood to make a 45 x 20 ft base for the much needed new 0 gauge layout.
A van was hired and a small team from the club met on site and dismantled the existing layout for transport back to the club room.
Work has started on the new layout as can be seen below.
This page will be updated as the model progresses.

The new model will eventualy incorporate some sections of the existing 0 gauge layout "Wrye" that can be put back together as a complete model should "Wrye" be needed for an exhibition whilst still leaving the Heybury part usable in the club room.


The front edge of the layout with the existing Wrye 0 gauge seen on the right.
This section of Wrye will eventualy form a branch line from the main tracks of Heybury.

The left end of the layout showing the points to allow trains in each direction to change from outer to inner tracks


The side nearest the wall where the station platforms will be located. The fiddle / storage yard can be just seen on the right

Looking the other way at the platform area showing where the control panel will be located and one of the entrances to the storage sidings.


The right hand end where the hatch is located to allow easy access to the inside of the layout.
When the hatch is opened then the securing bolts carrying the current to the common rails on both sides will remove the power and prevent trains reaching the gap or running into the lifted hatch.

How things have moved on! This is the long front edge of the layout with the track now ballasted and some scenery beginning to appear. The double slip seen on the outer track serves two purposes. a) If the existing layout Wrye is connected as a branch then this will be the link to it and b) it serves as a crossover to get between tracks one and two.


Another view of the front edge but this time looking from the opposite end of the layout.

The wall facing side of the layout showing the station being constructed and the storage sidings at both the front and the rear of the 4 main through lines.


The control panel that has been built to hold the analogue controls and the section isolating switches. The point operating switches will also be fitted here.
Above each of the four controllers are switches to change the individual tracks to DCC control if necessary.

A row of houses custom built to enhance the layout and fitted on one corner.


A small station that has been built installed at one of the short edges of the layout.

Looking down the long straight with the main station in the foreground and an express train thundering through.


More scenery is being worked on. Here the over bridge has received its stone surface and the tunnel into the storage sidings can be seen.

Looking the other way the ends of the platforms can just be seen with the bridge in the distance.


The houses can bee seen again here and a link is now being added to allow trains to get from the outer to the inner tracks. This will be necessary if "Wrye" is linked to "Heybury" so that trains departing from "Wrye" can get to the correct road for anti clockwise running.

The main station area is improving with a retaining wall being installed along with buttresses along its length. A road and buildings will eventually be installed above the wall.


The station area looking from the other direction showing the entrance to the storage sidings. The masking tapes holding up the wall will be removed once the glue has properly set. Passengers are also being added on the platforms.

To help see what is happening at the far end of the layout where there are crossover tracks and a small station a camera has been fitted (inset) on the road bridge at that end of the layout. The picture from the camera can be viewed on a small monitor screen by the main control panel.


Here is a video of the layout in action with a Heljan Deltic running round. 

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