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Priestly is a new N gauge layout started in mid 2016. It will be a continious run model that can be run from both analogue and DCC control by means of a switch to select which system feeds the track. As the model develops then this page will be updated to show progress


The start of the new model with the baseboards almost complete. This view is taken from the side where the lifting flap for ease of access can easily be seen.

A slightly different view still showing the lifting flap but giving a clearer idea of the overall dimensions the layout.


Progress with the track and station platforms has been made with both the inner and outer tracks now ready for trains to run on them.

The tracks in the storage siding havee now been laid but unusualy the outer circuit only has a through road and no facilities for storage?


The changes to the storage sidings that now feature the normal layout of sidings on both the inner and outer circuits

The turntable fitted to the baseboards and awaiting wiring.


A start has been made on the scenery and the station platforms.
Here the cutting outside the station can be seen.

The storage sidings are now almost complete along with a suitable backscene


Scenery starting to be developed at one corner of the layout.

The new buildings seen from the opposite end of the layout.


Several buildings have now been added to the model as seen here.

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