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Wrye has had a full "makeover" in 2019 so below are the images of it as at 14th October 2019

Wrye is a 7mm "O" gauge layout based on a fictitious location and depicting a preserved branch line terminus. It is currently 45ft in length.

Much work has been done over last 12 Months to improve the layout by installing a full back scene and changing out many point motors from Fulgarex to Cobolt ones

Also new overhead lights have been intalled as well as an 8 Amp booster power supply for DCC working


The extreme left hand end with the sidings and hand crafted houses visable before the bridge near the station.

Part way down the layout to the side where the main line divides to go into the site of the turntable and loco shed.


Back at the station end of the layout devoid of trains at the moment.

The right hand end of the layout where the turntable, loco shed and run round sidings are located.


Back at the station end where a goods train is passing through and a single loco in the bay platform.

From the loco end of the goods train at the footbridge end of the station.


Back near the houses and looking over the road bridge at the station.

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